European integration ambassadors

The project “European Integration Ambassadors” includes one Training Course that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia in September 2016 and will gather youth workers from 10 different youth organizations from the European Union and the Western Balkans. The aim of the project is to educate youth workers about promotion of different forms of European integration and enlargement in local communities. Participants will be educated about ways to educate young people about EU citizenship, structure and the role of EU institutions, European values and forms of debating different European topics. After the training, participants will be able to individually or in cooperation with other youth workers implement different activities on local, national and European level. The project will also result in development of series of new methods that will reach target groups and motivate youth about concerned topics easier and better.

Project will be submitted to EACEA within Erasmus+ Youth (Western Balkans Youth Window) on September 2015 deadline by Centre for Contemporary Politics (, the EU-RS Think Tank which successfully manages the project European Western Balkans (, the most influential portal on European Integration in the Western Balkans.

Interested organizations from the European Union and Western Balkans dealing with EU citizenship and similar projects are invited to apply by sending PARTNERSHIP IDENTIFICATION by e-mail on no later than 30.08.2015.