[Blog] Europe’s future lies in the youth

Author: N. T. Štiplija

Thirty representatives of non-governmental youth organizations, took part in the project „Youth and the EU“ which is first Erasmus+ project organized by the Contemporary Politics Center form Belgrade.

Representatives of organizations from 10 European countries, Albania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and Serbia had chance to speak with representatives of Serbian institutions to be more informed about EU accession talks of Serbia.

The introductory lecture was given by Mr. Vladimir Međak, Deputy Director of Serbian European Integration Office (SEIO) where they had chance to ask questions and participate in discussion about different approaches on history of European integrations, integrations of Serbia, and future of European idea.

Serbia officially applied for European Union membership on 22 December 2009. On 28 June 2013 the European Council endorsed the Council of Ministers conclusions and recommendations to open accession negotiations with Serbia. In December 2013 the Council of the European Union approved opening negotiations on Serbia’s accession in January 2014, and the first Intergovernmental Conference was held on 21 January at the European Council in Brussels, but still no chapters are opened.

Also, young Europeans hade chance to visit National Assembly of Republic of Serbia were thy have chance to speak with representatives of the Committee for European Integration of the national assembly, and with administration of the Department for European integration of the Serbian parliament. The host of this presentation, was Aleksandar Đorđević, head of the Department. After that, they had Schake to see the building of the Home of the National Assembly, which is one of the most beautiful building in Belgrade.

At the end of this they visited the EU Info Centre (EUIC) and participated in the presentation of the Centre or discussion on youth activism. About the work of EU info center and experience in working with young people, as well as examples of good practice of youth activism, talked with them representatives of the EUIC,  Marina Rakić and Nebojša Glisić.

The project „Youth and the EU,“ conducted by the Contemporary Politics Center and supported within the EU Erasmus+. The aim of the project is to prepare young people and strengthen their own organizations for participation in debates about the EU, European values and promote the concept of active citizenship.