“Ukrainization” in pro-Russian propaganda in Romania, Poland, Serbia and Hungary

05. 08. 2022. Izveštaji

Together with partner organizations, the Centre for Contemporary Politics/European Western Balkans researched the presence and the meaning of the narrative on “Ukrainization” in four European countries – Romania, Poland, Serbia and Hungary. This was an ad-hoc report and a part of a wider project UKRAINE MONITOR. The project aims to check out how Ukraine-related disinformation is reflected and used within the far-right, ultra-nationalist and extremist communities to advance goals consistent with Russian interests. Particular attention paid to instances of cross-country cooperation between the assessed communities, what are the narratives they are sharing, are there any efforts put together for advancing similar agendas.

  • Ukrainization-in-pro-Russian-propaganda-in-Romania-Poland-Serbia-and-Hungary.pdf pdf (2775kb) [ preuzmi ]